Inspired by underwater life, multidisciplinary artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann has created a breathtaking jellyfish aquarium, titled Underwater Flight located at Portland International Airport. Continuing her exploration of the way light is reflected on different mediums, she experiments with coloured organza, wool felting fibers and silk to build this magical underwater kingdom.

Photograph credit - The Weaver House.


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For James ‘X-Files’ Rolph
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The glass-enclosed funeral monument of Inez Clarke at Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery. 6-year-old Inez Clarke was killed by lightning while on a picnic with her family. Her parents, stunned by the tragic loss, commissioned a life-sized statue of their daughter to be placed over her grave. There are tales of the statue weeping as well as claims of Inez actually moving. It is said, during violent thunderstorms, Inez vanishes from her glass box and roams around the cemetery until the storm is over.
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"So many assume the truth is either black or white… It’s all evolution or it’s totally creation, for example. Reality creates consciousness; consciousness creates reality. Actually truth is inclusive, neither black nor white, nor a shade of grey. Indeed, truth is a multicolored spectrum, a beautiful hologram!" 
~ Peter Shepherd
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Rovina Cai


"The Birth Of Beauty" | Emily Baker Photographed By Julia Noni For Vogue Japan January 2014
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Opaque  by  andbamnan